Charlie ~ Our First Travel Bag.

Born in 1989, Charlie was made by the hands of skilled craftsman to be robust, durable & trustworthy. Made to last and resist. Charlie has seen all the continents and oceans with his owner, Andy.


We manufacture distinguished and prestigious leather goods made with love and soul with exceptional world-class quality for markets around the world, while preserving the environment with eco-friendly providers, cultivating our production methods and improving relationships with our stakeholders.


We endeavor to increase our company´s internationally acknowledged for our consistent quality in the production of leather goods.


We know to cultivate our exquisite and unique goods, we need to cherish our employees by demonstrating our appreciation for their hard work. Our company culture encompasses assuring our members needs are attained consistently. This insures that our products sustain consistency in their quality, durability and soul.

Our Belief.

We believe our core values contribute to our accomplishment, thus, we believe in perpetuating these beliefs in all aspects of our community