CHARLIE - Chapter 1

The History of our Charlie is deeply related to the stories of people in migration. From newly arrived immigrants stepping off the boats to first-time travelers boarding an airplane to a long-awaited destination, what people choose to carry and how is about more than functionality.

Charlie was born in 1989 and evolved to fit the trends and needs of its time, the suitcase has been indispensable to travelers of all kinds, while refleting the things they value most.

To understand Charlie’s journey we need to dig deeper into its past and explore the rich contents of its treasures that define him as a robust, gtrustworthy and durable.

By looking back where it all started, by the hands of skilled craftsman, this travel bag has improved over the years. But regardless of the changes that have occurred Charlie is built to last, to endure and to resist.

Inspired by draydreams of Country escapes and unexpected weekends, our Charlie, is practical yet perfectly elevated for your next adventure set, along with the will of getting a tiny moustache. Details like top stitching and a secure locking system, a zipper that can be locked combined with leather straps, add a strong point of view that makes any silent movie vene more interesting. Charlie is finished with a removable crossbody strap for dual carrying options and metal feet for bottom protection, there’s no excuse not to find your lead performing role. Your new favourite weekend companion, designed in 1987, makes durability a priority without sacrificing sophistication.