The Story of a Leather Traveling Bag that Still Lasts

Have you ever owned a leather bag that you loved and cherished for years? One that traveled with you everywhere, carrying your most important belongings, and that seemed almost indestructible? That's exactly the case of this leather traveling bag that was bought 18 years ago at the Marques Soares store in Porto, and that has been a loyal companion to its owner ever since.

The leather travelling bag was used every week for 15 years, traveling by train from Porto to Lisbon and vice-versa, carrying bank documents, minutes of bank accounts of companies, checks, bills, and shares. The bag became an essential part of its owner's routine, and it was not just a practical accessory, but also a symbol of reliability and durability.

One day, during one of those train trips, the unthinkable happened: the bag disappeared. Panic set in as the owner realized the importance of the documents and valuable items inside. However, after about 25 days, the bag was found and delivered by the services of CP (Portuguese Railways) without any loss of documents or values of great responsibility. The relief and gratitude felt by the owner were immense, and the bag's resilience and durability had proven once again.

This story is not just one of a practical leather bag, but one of quality, craftsmanship, and longevity. The fact that the bag lasted for 18 years, being used so frequently, speaks volumes about the quality of the leather and the care put into its creation. This is a reminder that investing in quality products is always worth it, as they can last years and even decades, becoming part of our lives and our stories.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to David, the owner of the bag, for sharing his incredible story with us. Additionally, we want to express our appreciation for his decision to send the bag in for repairs, so that it can continue to serve him for many more years to come.

From father to son

Have we ever stopped to think about what kind of gifts are offered today between parents and
Perhaps the latest iPhone, the latest console, trendy sneakers, the most fashionable brand of clothing at
the moment, or the dream trip. But, what about 30 years ago? How would it be?
Lionel Pinho, is the owner of this beautiful Belcinto's bag, offered by his father more than 25 years ago, in
Oliveira de Azeméis. In his destination were written trips to Europe and many others to Africa. Lionel
remembers that the bag was purchased by his father in a store in São João da Madeira - the city where Belcinto is
Asked why he wanted to repair the bag, Lionel says that besides the fact of being really
beautiful, pratical and with an enormous quality, the bag reminds him of many adventures he once
It is the memory of his father that he carries

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"Steel Belt"

It is said there is no other love like the sibling’s love. Nothing can break this bond.
It was with this feeling that over 30 years ago Paula received a Belcinto's belt by the hands of her older
sister who had bought it in Vale de Cambra - the city that saw them born. She hasn't left his belt since. Between trips through France, Belgium and Spain there are a lot
of stories to remember.
At 46, Paula wanted to give a new life to the product that she always wore. Now, she wants the belt to keep looking good for another 30 years, or maybe even longer.

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Belcinto at World Footwear Congress 2019 in Italy

Officially launched on September 2017, the World Footwear Congress makes a comeback to Europe, for the first time in Italy.

From 4 to 5th April, at the Teatrino di Corte at the Royal Palace, Naples will host the 6th edition of this global event dedicated to the footwear manufacturing industry, which was founded by the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC).

It will focus on the topic “Digitalisation for a sustainable footwear industry”, bringing together high-level international speakers and experts to discuss the on-going challenges and opportunities that the footwear manufacturing has been facing since the start of globalization. In particular, the major goal of the Congress is to promote a fair market with equal chances for all, while discussing international collaboration in topics of interest.

One of the presentation panels about sustainability will be addressed by Ana Maria Vasconcelos, General Manager of our company, Belcinto. Ana will be attending as representative of APICCAPS – Portuguese Footwear, Components, Leather Goods Manufacturers’ Association.

The aim of this discussion leads us to the question “How to increase sustainability on this industry?”, which subject comes closer to Belcinto’s main vision on the idea of a circular economy while increasing international collaboration to support the company’s competitiveness and growth.

Therefore, when the production of leather is made in a responsible way, “when treated and preserved with care (…) can last through generations”, and that fact by itself, makes it sustainable, because we are using the resources for decades, taking the most of them. In addition, leather is one of the most sustainable materials to work with and this is the kind of product that Belcinto prefers.

It should be noted that this ecological and sustainable perspective from Ana Vasconcelos, is related to the time she spent in many departments of the company, which allowed her to develop a detailed view of the various sectors of the company and the changes needed for its growth.

To mention that this kind of posture contributes to Belcinto’s strong focus on making high-level products, that not only represent a certain way of living but also by inspiring and connecting all parts involved in the business for a more sustainable vision.

This opportunity of taking part of the 6th World Footwear Congress, enhanced by the contribution of specialized speakers, is a very important plataform to discuss the constant changes and evolution that the industry is facing.

Is leather sustainable?

Leather is one of those materials that when treated and preserved with care, can last through generations, and it never goes out of style.

When the production of leather is made in a responsible manner, it means, in fact that is one of the most sustainable materials possible to work with, and this is the kind of leather Belcinto acquires to its products.


Leather is a byproduct of dairy and meat industries, and it corresponds to 20% of the animal. Once they are processed or die from natural causes, every part of the animal is used, even those 20%. If not, it would be thrown away, disrespecting the animal, and becoming waste.

With care and right treatment, leather is one of the most durable and sustainable materials possible to work with.