The Story of a Leather Traveling Bag that Still Lasts

Have you ever owned a leather bag that you loved and cherished for years? One that traveled with you everywhere, carrying your most important belongings, and that seemed almost indestructible? That's exactly the case of this leather traveling bag that was bought 18 years ago at the Marques Soares store in Porto, and that has been a loyal companion to its owner ever since.

The leather travelling bag was used every week for 15 years, traveling by train from Porto to Lisbon and vice-versa, carrying bank documents, minutes of bank accounts of companies, checks, bills, and shares. The bag became an essential part of its owner's routine, and it was not just a practical accessory, but also a symbol of reliability and durability.

One day, during one of those train trips, the unthinkable happened: the bag disappeared. Panic set in as the owner realized the importance of the documents and valuable items inside. However, after about 25 days, the bag was found and delivered by the services of CP (Portuguese Railways) without any loss of documents or values of great responsibility. The relief and gratitude felt by the owner were immense, and the bag's resilience and durability had proven once again.

This story is not just one of a practical leather bag, but one of quality, craftsmanship, and longevity. The fact that the bag lasted for 18 years, being used so frequently, speaks volumes about the quality of the leather and the care put into its creation. This is a reminder that investing in quality products is always worth it, as they can last years and even decades, becoming part of our lives and our stories.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to David, the owner of the bag, for sharing his incredible story with us. Additionally, we want to express our appreciation for his decision to send the bag in for repairs, so that it can continue to serve him for many more years to come.